About BHA

The BHA Mission

To create strong, sustainable, inclusive communities and quality affordable homes for individuals and families while promoting self sufficiency. We seek to provide housing opportunities, bolster the economy and protect consumers. We are committed to meeting the needs of our citizens and utilizing housing as a platform for improving their quality of life. Our effort shall encourage empowerment, enrich lives and energize the community of Bristol, Rhode Island.

From the Executive Director…
As the Director of the Bristol Housing Authority, I support the Authority’s mission of striving to provide opportunities to the individuals of this community which afford them the opportunity for safe, decent and, most importantly— affordable housing.

The Board of Commissioners is a source of guidance and leadership. The Board is comprised of people with a vast array of talents and years of experience in their particular fields. All of them at one time or another has
volunteered their time to make our community a better place to live. Each Board member volunteers their time to ensure that the Bristol Housing Authority will continue to provide housing for our senior citizens as well as
rental assistance for families.

The staff at Bristol Housing is comprised of hard working, compassionate team players. They chose this field because they care about people and making a difference. Their dedication is the heart and soul of Bristol Housing. They make it possible for me to do my job so effectively.

The coming year will be filled with many challenges as we face a additional budget cuts and another possible governmental shut down. I know the staff as well as the Board at Bristol Housing will do their best to continue to provide affordable housing second to none for our tenants in spite of what lies ahead.
—M. Candace Pansa

2013 Economic Impact

Town Of Bristol (PILOT)                                      $59,139

Payroll & Benefits                                                   $508,851

Maintenance Supplies and Contracts             $175,943

Utilities (Water, Sewer & Electric)                   $312,872

Housing Assistance Payments                          $1,356,530
*including portables (HCV/Section 8)